Lake Waukomis Homes For Sale

Best Kept Secret in Kansas City

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Lake Waukomis is a quiet lake community of about 498 homes that surround a 90 acre lake. The lake offers a variety of recreational activities that define lake living, such as fishing, swimming, and boating. Our residents embrace a strong sense of volunteerism and community pride.

In addition to its many amenities, Lake Waukomis supports two city parks, various social and civic organizations and has a Community Center available for resident activities. The 4th of July events are some of the best in the mid-west.

In one of the Indian languages, ‘Waukomis’ means ‘land of peace.’ Established in 1947 and comprising 90 acres of water, Lake Waukomis has 870 residents, according to the 2010 Census.

On a warm summer day you will see residents riding golf carts, wearing Lake Waukomis T-shirts and harvesting vegetables in the community garden beneath the dam. Probably the best activity around, especially on a warm day, is parking your pontoon in the middle of the lake, jumping into the water and floating on your noodle. You just relax and have a beverage of your choice. (Flotation devices known as noodles are popular at many lakes.)

Like Weatherby Lake, Waukomis limits the horsepower of gasoline-powered boat engines to less than 10. I would definitely recommend this as the best-kept secret around. When you come here, the rest of the city just does not exist. The other nice aspect about Lake Waukomis is the fact you can drive your golf cart, ride a bike or walk around the entire lake – you can go all the way around the lake without having to go out on a main street, so that makes it quite nice. Waukomis is “perfect” for pontooning, exercising, running and community activities. Also, the lake has one of the best 4th of July celebrations around and you can end your day out on the water watching a great fireworks display!

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